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“What products do you use for your beard?!”

Probably the number one question I get asked.

Lately, it’s been @bedloeandblackwell a new company based right out of West New York, NJ.

@bedloeandblackwell probably has the best beard care products that have been sent to me thus far. They offer a range of scents, premium composition, clean design and NYC/NJ origins that match the Bearded Banker.

My ultimate goal is to produce my own line but that takes tons of time and money, and I would never put my name on something that’s rushed and not of top quality. That being said, if I was to create a line it would look, smell and feel a lot like @bedloeandblackwell

They’re helping me take care of my beard and they want to help you too. They’re offering my followers 20% off with the code BeardedBanker20 at checkout or just click this link. And they have a quiz on their site to determine which fragrance would suit you best.

Pictured here are the White Tea Citrus beard oil/beard balm, and the Tobacco Rum beard oil/beard balm. My choices for day and night respectively.

Visit their site, give them a follow and go get your products ASAP.