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Here are a few of my favorite brands...

Custom Shirts

  • @propercloth : This site is awesome. You have the ability to save your exact measurements to your account so you know the fit will always be perfect. One of the biggest issues with most custom shirt sites is that the fit is never right, shipping takes forever and the shirts tend to be low quality. Proper Cloth has great quality fabrics and will allow you to send your shirt back if it comes in cut incorrectly. Also, you can send in a shirt that you already own that fits you well and they will save those measurements to your account for you. They are super conservative with their turn around times meaning you will almost always get your shirts before the estimated date. And on top of all this, they offer you credits towards your next purchase for reviewing the fabrics and free shipping on orders over $200. Shirts start at around $85 which is phenomenal for custom.

Custom Suits

  • Top Tier: @y2_collection : Y2 Collection offers a high end luxury product that focuses on texture, detail and cut. Amable’s inspiration comes from the 1930s, WWII era and some of the top designers such as Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren. His Ready-To-Wear line is impeccable from suits and handmade shoes to accessories. Definitely worth seeing him if you’re in the market for a luxury suit that offers Scabal, Ariston, Zegna, and Cerruti fabrics just to name a few. Shop Y2 for the Full Bespoke Experience located in the heart of downtown Englewood NJ.
  • More Affordable: @mr.custommade : Mr. Custom Made uses technology to precisely measure you for your custom suit and by doing so is able to cut costs and pass the savings on to you. Adam offers a full custom experience down to the linings, buttons and pockets. Their process is very quick and turn-around time is excellent. If you wear suits every day and are on a budget I definitely recommend a wardrobe full or Mr. Custom Made suits. Visit them on Broad Street in Ridgewood, NJ.

Casual Brands

  • @reiss : Reiss is simple yet sophisticated with slim silhouettes and a muted color palette. They do have some floral patterns and mix in cozy textures. Quality is key with Reiss. They offer dress shirts, suiting and casual wear. No big logos or branding, which I love. Dress shirts are in the $150 range for price context.
  • @sandroparis : Sandro is similar to Reiss with a slightly more European fit and younger, more fun aesthetic. They offer more casual wear and use words and graphics in their designs. I think of Sandro as Zara's inspiration with a higher price point and better quality.
  • @allsaints : I love All Saints denim, specifically the "cigarette fit". All Saints, to me, is a budget-friendly Saint Laurent (Maybe the name pays homage?) All Saints has a dark, rock-star, edgy vibe. Definitely shop All Saints for denim and leather.
  • @johnelliottco : John Elliott is a super high-quality, casual/basics brand with a streetwear soul. Hoodies, tees, jeans, etc. all with custom fabrics and varied silhouettes. The price point is mid to high end, but the quality and attention to detail are unmatched.
  • @ralphlauren : Ralph is the GOAT. If you don't know what that means google it. The brand is timeless and if you ever don't know what to wear just throw some Ralph on. The older I get, the less I like logos in general but with Ralph, as I move away from the Polo logo, I discover his best pieces. Ralph has something for every occasion and every price point.